The Grange is a national organization that began in the late 1860’s.

The first Grange in Philomath was Philomath Grange#13, organized in 1873 with Eldridge Hartless as the first Master. This Grange continued to meet until 1892.

In 1927, at a meeting at the Philomath high school, Marys River Grange#685 organized. Morris Goodrich was the first master.

The current Grange Hall was built with donations and volunteer labor for a total cost of $1,294. The first meeting was held Feb. 2, 1934.

Many of the nearby roads and streets are named after families who were active in the Grange.

Recent History of Marys River Grange

At the November 2009 Grange meeting, Marys River Grange voted to close due to lack of membership. The few active members would combine with another nearby hall and the Grange Hall put up for sale. Fortunately, at the urging of recent member John Evelund of Gathering Together Farm, forty farmers, farm workers, and rural community members got joined the Grange and voted to keep Marys River Grange open.

Since then, our ranks have continued to swell with new people and enthusiasm, with over 60 members as of 2018. Our goal is to restore this old Hall to its historic position as a rural community center devoted to agrarian values.

Anyone is welcome to join Marys River Grange.