Why Join?

Why Join Our Grange?

  • Join to support a local organization in action for local sustainable healthy food.
  • Join to help support a historic building and community resource.
  • Join to meet and socialize with like-minded individuals, face to face.
  • Join an organization that encourages you to follow your dreams.
  • Join to be a part of family fraternal organization not affiliated to any church or political party.
  • Join to help the Grange, again, lead us into a better agricultural future by supporting rural communities.
  • At $55 per year ($110 for a family) it is a little over $1 per week!

In addition to contributing to the local community and helping it develop, Grange members also enjoy some benefits from membership. Discounted building rental for active members. The State Grange provides scholarships and the National Grange has an insurance program for members, and options for discounts on health care among other benefits, which you can read about here.

Grange membership is $55 per person per year. Family memberships are $110 and cover one or two adults and their dependent children under 23yrs, and any dependent adults at one address. Businesses may join to support the Grange for $55. If you are interested, see the Contact tab for contact information.

“The Grange would be proud to claim you as member. Through such wise investment of your talents, you will receive rich dividends.”

– Patrons of Husbandry