Why Join?

Anyone 14 years or older who wants to network within the local community, participate in service projects, vote at Grange meetings to influence Grange policy, and develop personal leadership skills is welcome to join the Grange. Grange Insurance has not been a membership benefit for many years, but the National Grange offers a long list of membership benefits and some Community Granges provide additional member benefits. But most who join the Grange do so because of a   desire to improve their community, build stronger bonds with community members and to have fun.

Marys River Grange is a Grange active in Community Service and providing events that benefit our community; a farmworkers medical clinic, yoga, bluegrass workshops, concerts, dances, game nights, Oregon Conversation projects and much more.

How to Join

  • Find a member who will sponsor your application. Come to a meeting or event and introduce yourself. Once members know who you are and why you are interested in becoming a member, it should be easy to find a sponsor.
  • Complete the Marys River Grange application, which is on the reverse of our business card. It’s simple.
  • Give the application fee and dues through the end of the current calendar year to a Grange Member. The amount is pro-rated quarterly on $55.
  • Membership applications are typically voted on in the next meeting, and the local Grange will inform you of the decision.