Foundation repair work completed!

Two areas of concern were recently addressed. The southeast corner in the back of the stage had sagged and a support on the south wall had also sagged a great deal.

Cracked and fallen about four inches

JayB Construction did a fantastic job of working on the Grange Hall and allowed members to do some of the excavation work to reduce costs, saving the Grange over $600.

Granger Nate hard at work.

The south wall was raised nearly six inches! The wood pieces placed on the old timber indicated by the arrow show just how much the wall had sagged.

New support posts with old in center

The rotting old supports in the basement have also been replaced with pressure treated supports.

Basement supports. Level and ready for the next 80 years!

Grange members are continuing to complete the acoustic insulation of the stage and complete the connecting room before moving on to our next huge project, replacing the roof.  Stay tuned for updates and how to help.

Here’ is a photo of the original Grangers in 1935 in front the Hall with original hand split cedar shakes.

Marys River Grange #685. 1935

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